No Identification

FOMENTO supports Apps like
iOS/Android and Web version
and anyone can use it easily.


No Login

A complicated process
like authentication or
login is not necessary.


No Cable

Because it allows wireless
printing using self-WiFi,
there is no need to connect
to a separate cable,
and no
need to install internet to
use this service.


No Booth Internet

PRINT STATION is a compact
size with 36x56x42 cm,
which can be set on the
table to use, and installing
is very simple in any
exhibitions/events booths
with just power cable


No Guide

Guidance banner is
and number of
photos to be printed is
automatically controlled
so there is no need to
place a guide on-site.

Are you worried about the quality of the photo?

The photos printed with FOMENTO’s PrintStation boasts quality as good as those taken at a photo studio. FOMENTO uses a genuine KODAK Printer used at photo studios and genuine photographic paper. Plus, it has 300 dpi resolution, and can print 1 sheet per 30 seconds on the average, making you forget about your worries on quality.



DYE SUB Printing Technology

FOMENTO supports Dye Sub style printing. Because no ink is used,
there is no need shake and dry after printing, and you can keep photos
with clear image for long time.



No more surveys using paper and pen!

The customers will be naturally led to answer the survey through the smartphone screens before printing their photo,
so the customers’ needs could be identified more easily and simple.
After the event is over, the statistics will be extracted automatically and the survey results will be shown on the Excel File.



On one side of the photo to be printed, a promotion image or contact number could be inserted, so whenever you look at the photo,
you can remember about the event to maximize promotion effect.
Whether to insert promotion image and in what location to insert, could be changed according to your wish.






FOMENTO provides a function where you can select photo frame when printing photos,
so that the person, who is receiving, would feel happy and the sender would feel meaningful.

In the events where managing personnel h.imself takes photos and prints them, the frame appropriate for the event or
special occasion could be selected when printing.

(※ This function is supported by separate App provided as exclusive for operation.)


A simple and minimal basic frame, which makes the photo stand out


The photo could be kept with the characteristics of the company (or group, organization) being well expressed, and the imprinting effect
of the company (or group, organization) or brand image for the people who see it could be maximized.

※There is additional cost and time, so when requesting separately, please inquire about it.


The event manager (or operator) uses the best of his knowledge and chooses the number of photos appropriate for the intention of the event
(special occasions) to be printed according to the needs of the participants, so the event (special occasions) could be operated more effectively.

(※ This function is supported by separate App provided as exclusive for operation.)